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Major truck manufacturers agreed to give third parties access to vehicle data.

Daimler Truck

MAN Truck & Bus


DAF Trucks


Volvo Trucks

Renault Trucks

They have designed a common interface as an open standard which will be supported by these leading truck manufacturers.

The FMS-interface is an optional interface of different truck manufacturers. Supported information is dependent upon vehicle equipment. For the full information set, additional Electronic Control Units (ECU) may be required. Please contact the manufacturer or your dealer.

Please note that a direct connection to the vehicles’ internal bus system might affect vehicle reliability (as well as warranty).
If you connect directly to the internal bus system you will be held responsible if the internal bus system is disturbed.
Please see also the Letter to European Institutes (PDF format).

The FMS interface is the sole interface for a safe data connection to the internal network as described in the FMS-Standard documentation.
You are responsible for not disturbing other units connected to the FMS interface.

The truck manufacturers have agreed to have as well a common connector for the FMS-interface / remote download from beginning of year 2009. Please contact the manufacturer or your dealer.

In addition to the FMS-interface description the major truck and digital tachograph manufacturers have defined a secure and legal solution for the remote download of data from the digital tachograph.

In the download area you find a description of the FMS-Standard, the description of the common connector and the interface description of the “remote download” for digital tachographs.

* The FMS-Standard documentation has been updated to Version 5

Please register for the download area to receive notification about news/updates. There is no fee for the access to the download area.

The development of FMS-standard is under the umbrella of ACEA. The name of the group is “Heavy Truck Electronic Interface Group” and meets regulary to discuss the needs of the FMS-standard.

Please find here the information about FMS-Standard in buses and coaches Bus-FMS-Standard.

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